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Join Sara and thousands of other locals helping travelers visiting their cities

Create beautiful trips

Start the morning with your favorite breakfast place and end the night at that kitschy dive bar. Put your favorite places in a schedule that will be the perfect introduction to your beautiful city.

Help out travelers

Travelers from 100+ countries would fall in love with your trip. Answer their curious questions for a price (or gratis!) without ever leaving your home.

Earn doing what you love

Get paid when someone downloads your trip, asks you a question or even books your trip. Now you know where to send everyone who asks you for tips & advice about your city!

What every local gets

Slick tools

Get insider's access to online tools that let your trips shine. Gorgeous pictures, drag-&-drop places, maps, the works.

Connect with travelers

Feel the thrill of letting savvy travelers experience the city through your eyes. Build bonds with new friends from all around the world.


One of us will be always available to help you create trips. If you get stuck, reach us by email or phone and we'll make sure you're up & running in no time. We love doing this as much as you do!

Turbo-charged way to make money

We'll make all your trips bookable instantly - great hotels, awesome tours and even museum tickets. All automagically! That means you get paid when someone books your trip or downloads it. And that's in addition to when they ask for your advice.

Complete flexibility

Create one amazing trip. Or dozens. A weekend getaway or an intense country-hopping journey. Decide how you want to charge for giving advice. Or not at all. You have complete control over your schedule.

Promote your trip

Let friends, family and random strangers see your city from your eyes. We'll give you easy-to-use tools to find anyone who's visiting your city. Suggest your trip to them and see the love flow.

See other locals
Rimi M, Kolkata
Discovering cities on foot is my passion. The locals program has helped me connect with other travelers and earn by conducting great walking tours.
Nathan Brown, Los Angeles
Crazy people, interesting people! Love meeting them. With the locals program, I thought, "I could do this sitting at home, mostly?" And I've been proven right. Truly amazing it has been.
Kirti Manian, Hong Kong
A friend of mine suggested that I sign up for the locals program and help other avid travellers out. I haven't looked back since. Love being a part of this.

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