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We're a growing community of freelance travel enthusiasts who love reading and writing about travel, are excited to help other travelers and have fun doing it.



                  and many more.
I have planned business trips, hardcore adventure trips, destination weddings, out of the way offbeat trips and the list goes on. In short, my experience with mygola has been nothing less than exhilarating and I look forward to a long commitment to such a wonderful team of web-savvy travel enthusiasts.

B. Debnath (Guide since July, 2010)
Rs 60,000+ earned came in my google search results one day. It was just the thing for me. I used to work as a teacher and also a PRO for a HR Consultancy Firm for sometime, but I have never enjoyed my work so much like I do now.

Rimi Mukherjee (Guide since August, 2010)
Rs 35,000+ earned
When I accidentally stumbled upon this gem of a website, the first thing that came to mind was not to ask a question but to answer one! Now I am a few questions (or rather answers) wiser ;) and greatly enjoying my time researching!

Namrata Jadhav (Guide since August, 2010)
Rs 5,000+ earned

How this works

We're a community of web-savvy travel enthusiasts who love to help other travelers.

Travelers are finding themselves increasingly frustrated with the huge amount of information online. mygola lets travelers reach human guides to do all the online research for their trip. We are hoping that you would help us put all this information together.

This is how it works. We are in the process of creating an awesome collection of travel itineraries on mygola. There are various components to the itinerary creation process. As a guide, you will be working on these components to create a beautiful itinerary.

We have two major components:

1) Creating the day-wise plan - An itinerary is basically a day-wise plan for a trip to any destination. Your role would be to create these itineraries. You would be given an article using which you have to create a day-wise plan.

2) Curating POIs (Places of Interest) - Each of these itineraries have POIs (Places of Interest). Your role would be to get data for these POIs. For eg: You would be given an attraction and asked to find either the right image or description or the official website for it.

You can interact with mentors on chat. These mentors will answer any questions you have, train you in using our tools and give you feedback.

There are many great reasons to become a guide for mygola.

Create Your Own Hours
mygola Guides are freelancers interested in a part time job, giving them the flexibility to work when they have the time. Most Guides work their magic at night and on the weekends, allowing them to keep their day jobs or other freelance gigs. In fact, with a time commitment of about 10 to 15 hours per week, you can easily have mygola as a secondary job while focusing on your day job or college.

Work From Anywhere
mygola's office is in Bangalore, but as a Guide you can work from anywhere. Infact many of our guides work from home. Our self-directed training program happens online, so you don't need to travel in order to become a Guide.

Advice and Support From Highly Trained Mentors
During your entire career with us, you'll have mentorship from mygola's internal team. They'll help you review and improve your work and answer your questions about payments, training etc.

Good Compensation
If you understand the basics well and start working as a content developer, you can easily earn more than Rs 1000 a month.

The compensation depends entirely on the number of assignments you take up and the quality of your work. If you are committed and the quality of your work is really good, you can easily earn anywhere between Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 a month or more.
How are Guides selected?
Anyone interested can apply to be a Guide by taking the test on this site. You will get the results immediately. If you pass the test, you become a freelance content developer for mygola. We will then guide you with the entire process.

How much experience do I need to be a Guide?
We're NOT looking for travel agents. We're looking for tech-savvy freelancers interested in travel research.

How does Guide payment work? How much will I be paid? How frequently?
We pay Guides on a monthly basis. Pay varies from month-to-month, calculated based on the number of assignments you take up.

Is being a Guide a full-time job?
It depends completely on you. The expectation is that you'll spend between 10 - 30 hours every week. Of course, we will only be happier if you do more.

Do I have someone to guide me?
There will be a team of mentors who review your work on a regular basis. Mentors are also available to help with specific questions or teach you how to use our internal tools.

What level of technical experience is necessary? Do I need any equipment?
Our best Guides are those that have considerable experience in using the web on a daily basis. They know how to operate Skype and how to choose the right keywords in Google. You'll need a good, reliable internet connection and comfort communicating online.

How do I check on the status of my application to be a Guide?
You will get the results on the day of taking the test itself. If you haven't heard from us for more than a day after your test, please email us at

The Legalese:
All Guides are independent contractors and shall not be subject to the direction, control, or supervision of mygola regarding time spent or procedures followed in performing services hereunder. However, mygola is the final decision maker in regard to the produced product and reserves the right to request modification and/or modify the product to ensure, among other things, that it complies with quality standards. All Guides are responsible for all tax liabilities emanating from their payments. Guides are not eligible for any benefits from mygola and waive any right to them.

Please note: compensation earned by other Guides is not a guarantee of any kind that any other Guide who meets the minimum expectations will earn that much, or any specific amount. mygola offers this information as a means of sharing with applicants the potential compensation that they may earn. mygola reserves the right to terminate a Guide's engagement and/or change the Guide compensation model at any time for any reason, notwithstanding any information contained in the engagement materials.